Get your team into pilot mode...

Experience a virtual reality winch to a helicopter, learn how to escape safely as you pitch and roll in a submerged cabin underwater, or operate a Leonardo AW139 helicopter in the world’s most advanced simulator. The LifeFlight Training Academy offers an unforgettable Corporate Experience for your team. Choose from the experiences below or do all three!

Thales Level D AW139 Helicopter Simulator

Real life trainng

The Thales Reality H AW139 civil helicopter simulator is a state-of-the-art Full Flight Simulator designed to deliver advanced mission orientated, high fidelity training AW139 helicopter crews. Read more.

Underwater escape training


Necessary training for air crew, marine pilots, firefighters and aviation medical professionals, thousands graduate every year with a LifeFlight Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) accreditation. Its exciting, exhilarating and empowering to know how to escape a cabin filled with water. Read more.

Virtual reality rescue operation


LifeFlight's virtual reality simulator transforms the way aircrew officers train for lifesaving winch missions, by combining high fidelity virtual reality technology and physical elements, built into a replica of a helicopter cabin. Read more.


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Absolutely wonderful experience at LifeFlight. The facilities and the people delivering the service were outstanding. Namely Phil Head and Lisa Enander were extremely helpful and considerate. The coordination and organisation of the training program was seamless and training delivery was outstanding which helped and enabled me to successfully complete my training requirements. LifeFlight will be my go-to place for all my future training needs and requirements and is highly recommended.


Very well organised and presented course by LifeFlight. Phil Head and Jerome Guitton were brilliant instructors and were experts in their field. Thank you Phil for all the extra work and time you put in to assist me in completing my ATPL. LifeFlight Training Academy has friendly, helpful and dedicated people and that is what makes the difference between a good and excellent training organisation.

Marius de Jager (October 2020)

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