Air Ambulance

LifeFlight Australia operates a fully-integrated and dedicated Air Ambulance service, covering the Asia-Pacific region with 3 of the longest range medically-configured jet aircraft based in the South Pacific – a true internationally capable fleet.

What we do

The LifeFlight Air Ambulance business is the largest fully integrated air ambulance operation in Australia. We cater for domestic and international repatriation for high acuity patients. The Jet Air Ambulance operation utilises 3 Jet Air Ambulance aircraft and 10 helicopters across multiple bases.

Our Air Ambulance Jets can be airborne within 90 minutes of the first call from the LifeFlight operations centre.

Crewed by our own highly experienced pilots, critical care doctors and intensive care flight nurses, our fixed-wing aircraft, based in Brisbane and Townsville, fly hundreds of lifesaving missions each year.

Each LifeFlight Air Ambulance Jet is crewed by a Captain, First Officer, LifeFlight Critical Care Doctor and a Flight Nurse, and is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Air Ambulance Jet is fully-equipped medical platforms, which make them equivalent to a flying intensive care unit.

What makes us different

More than 40 years experience in pre-hosptial aeromedical operations.

Whether it’s a wing to wing or bed to bed assignment, LifeFlight Air Ambulance has the aircraft, the people and systems in place to provide rapid and safe medical evacuations or repatriations anywhere in the world.

Full oversight of our air ambulance operations by the LifeFlight Coordination Centre ensures not only rapid response to tasking requests (including quotes generally within 20 minutes), but total ‘in-house’ case management: from the lodgment of flight plans and obtaining of overfly permits to the arrangement of visas and hospital-to-airport transport.

Accredited and contracted by Queensland Health as a Tier One provider of long distance and high acuity air ambulance services, LifeFlight offers 24/7 capability 365 days a year with the highest standards of aviation safety and clinical governance.

Within Australia 24/7: 1300 883 422
International 24/7: +61 7 5553 5955

International and domestic air ambulance emergency taskings

Email 24/7:

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 Medical repatriation on scheduled commercial flights can offer a cost-effective alternative to a fully dedicated air ambulance service – delivered with the same high standards of medical care by our specialist medical teams.

The detailed planning and coordination required for such missions constitute a core function of the LifeFlight Coordination Centre, which can arrange and oversee all necessary aspects of commercial repatriation, including:

  • Full service flight bookings and airline ticketing
  • Ground transport arrangements by ambulance, sedan or limousine
  • Airline medical clearances
  • Portable oxygen concentrators
  • Physicians, registered nurses and paramedics
  • Arrangement of patient medical visas

We can also arrange a commercial airline stretcher service. When medically necessary, these special stretchers can be installed in the aircraft compartment to meet the care and comfort requirements of those patients who cannot be accommodated in a first-class seat or pod.


Contact the 24/7 LifeFlight Coordination Centre via email or call 1300 883 422 or +61 75553 5955 to request a destination-specific quote and provide medical notes so that patient’s fitness to fly can be assessed by our Duty Medical Coordinator.


On confirmation of the mission, our staff will activate the Air Ambulance and will take care of all mission details, providing you a detailed itinerary and updates throughout the transfer process.


On arrival at the destination, our medical crews will escort the patient to the destination medical facility and provide a detailed clinical handover. Our staff will notify you on the completion of the transfer.

LifeFlight’s Coordination Centre is the logistical and operational hub of LifeFlight. It provides a single point of contact for the tasking of all LifeFlight’s emergency response aircraft, including three Air Ambulance jets based in Brisbane and Townsville.

The facility is staffed 24/7 by a team of experienced aviation and medical coordinators who specialise in medical management, emergency response, commercial and military aviation disciplines and emergency retrieval medicine. Their expertise ensures that our patients receive the most timely and effective care possible, no matter where they are. This includes managing the following activities:

  • Activation and tasking of rescue helicopters and Air Ambulance jets
  • Securing landing permits
  • Flight planning
  • Obtaining customs and immigration clearance
  • Ground ambulance and ground handling
  • Flight tracking
  • Refueling


LifeFlight’s Aviation Operations Coordinators utilise TracPlusTM Global to track all aircraft at any given moment. Real-time flight following allows us to keep clients updated throughout missions and ensures seamless coordination of logistics.


Long distance patient transport can be logistically demanding and involve a combination of commercial airlines and joint efforts with other Air Ambulance providers. LifeFlight’s skilled coordinators can ensure a smooth ‘wing to wing’ transition for all patients transferring from multiple flights, no matter how complex the journey.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured, certificate number QEC12856

Holder of fixed-wing Air Operators Certificate
Fixed wing AOC#: CASA.TAAOC.0110

Holder of rotary-wing Air Operators Certificate
Rotary wing #S1223513

Certificate of Approval as an accredited maintenance facility
CASA, C223513 issue #5 (fixed and rotary wing)

Civil Aviation Safety Authority Part 142 Flying School

Foundation member of the Australian Safety Network Registered Training Organisation #2762

Registered Training Organisation (RTO): 2762

Accredited teaching facility for:
Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
College of Intensive Care Medicine

Queensland Government
All of our doctors and flight nurses meet Queensland Health clinical standard for practice in prehospital and retrieval medicine.

LifeFlight has an enviable safety record supported by a comprehensive management system incorporating ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

The internal Integrated Risk Management department ensures compliance with the Australian Federal Government’s aviation authority (CASA), the aviation Security Authority and an internationally recognised standard of quality assurance. This is achieved through internal and external audits conducted on all areas of the organisation on an annual or biannual basis.
LifeFlight is a founding member of the Aviation Safety Network and is an active participant in the network and continuing education program.

LifeFlight Australia services from Australia to Micronesia, Cook Islands, Tonga, Japan, Hawaii and the Asia Pacific to name a few. LifeFlight Australia Air Ambulance service has become the first-choice provider for both domestic and international clients.