FREE community trauma training

First Minutes Matter is a free safety education program utilising LifeFlight's decades of aeromedical experience. Proudly delivered by LifeFlight in partnership with Shine Lawyers, this program will equip you with practical skills for time-critical medical situations while professional help is on the way.

What you’ll learn could save a life.

First Aid Emergency CPR on Heart Attack Man , One Part of the Process Resuscitation - Healthcare Concept

Online training

Free, self-paced online training.



Free, in-person training.

Accidents happen. Be prepared not powerless.

Patient outcomes are dramatically improved by actions taken in the first minutes after a trauma incident, before emergency crews arrive. You can make a difference.

"We were out on a Sunday afternoon ride. Another group of riders have come around the corner. So we've hit head on... I was unconscious for about 15 minutes. I have four little kids at home. They wouldn’t have a mum today if it wasn’t for the quick thinking of others and LifeFlight."

Tiffany Thomson, South West Resident

Seven topics based on real-life situations


Learn how to: describe types of burns, assess the seriousness and treat them.​


Learn how to: understand causes of bleeding in trauma and control bleeding.

Snake Bites
Snake Bites

Learn how to: assess and treat a snake bite and immobilise the limb.​


Learn how to: help a choking child and adult.


Learn how to: recognise a seizure, including febrile, and how to assist.


Learn how to: perform CPR and be aware of Automated External Defibrillators.


Learn about: helpful equipment that can help in case of trauma incidents.

Why do the training?


Free workshops and online training*

Practical tips to help in common trauma incidents.


Learn from an expert medical team

Training developed by LifeFlight’s medical team with decades of experience.


Real-life situations

Learn the skills to make a difference in the first minutes that matter.

*This program is not accredited. However, you will learn from doctors and paramedics.  


I really loved this course. I am a Registered Nurse myself working in the ICU and believe 'First Minutes Matter' is such a good initiative for the public to grasp lifesaving and fundamental concepts when faced with various emergency settings.


First Minutes Matter is such a fantastic, invaluable course... My husband and I have a 1 year old child so the module on choking was particularly relevant to us. We learnt the importance of staying calm, as well as simple actions that we can take while waiting for an ambulance. We both hope we never need to use the skills we learnt, but if we do, we feel far more confident and equipped.


Craig (the trainer) was great, very approachable, and the delivery of this training made it easy to understand and I have learnt skills to bring back to my workplace, which I was hoping to do. Thank you very much.


This exceeded my expectations. I'd also note the incredible delivery style from both presenters. They were kind, funny, and educational. I think if they had not been so engaging and fun it would have been harder to retain the information. Fantastic combination of soft and hard skills.


I did this because six years ago, I had two cardiac arrests, two strokes and open heart surgery after I had a triple-A aortic dissection and was lucky my friend did CPR until help came.


The training exceeded my expectations. This is an excellent training program available to all who are wanting to improve their skills in readiness for an emergency.

Make a difference when minutes matter.

LifeFlight saves lives. What we learn in the field one week, we teach our doctors and pilots the next. In a Queensland first, LifeFlight is pleased to share our knowledge with the community. Drawing on decades of experience, First Minutes Matter will equip people with practical skills for time-critical medical situations where professional help is still on the way.

"Many times, I have arrived at a trauma scene to find people suffering severe loss of blood or cardiac arrest. Many times, those patients' injuries could have benefited from appropriate initial treatment."

Dr Duncan McAuley – RACQ LifeFlight Rescue Critical Care Doctor

Register for a one-day workshop

Learn directly from LifeFlight’s medical team as they share invaluable knowledge and practical tips for trauma incidents. Workshops scheduled in South West region in 2021 and other Queensland communities in 2022.

Helping Queenslanders in the moments that matter.

Shine Lawyers is proud to support the First Minutes Matter program. For more than forty years, both LifeFlight and Shine Lawyers have been supporting Queenslanders who unexpectedly need specialised, professional help. Shine Lawyers has a reputation for fighting for the best outcomes for their clients and like LifeFlight, wants to increase emergency awareness to improve patient outcomes. Learn more about Shine Lawyers.


Have minutes made a difference in your life? Has someone helped you in an emergency? If you have a story or experience to share, we'd love to hear it.