Workplace Giving Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving

One of the most effective ways employees and employers can support RACQ LifeFlight Rescue is through Workplace Giving.

RACQ LifeFlight Rescue is committed to saving Queensland lives. Making regular donations through your pay helps fund ongoing operational expenses including fuel, maintenance, medical supplies and training.

You simply never know if you, a loved one or even a workmate will need our service. Each rescue mission costs more than $12,500. Think of these donations as your little investment; protecting yourself, your family and the community against the ‘what ifs’.

Workplace Giving is a feel-good exercise and it’s so simple. Your donation is deducted from your gross salary each pay, so you receive an immediate tax benefit.

Your workplace can support your efforts further by matching your contribution dollar-for-dollar, which means your generous donations are doubled. Talk to your employer today about matching your gift.

Benefits for the Employee

If you choose to donate to the LifeFlight Foundation through your pay, it:

  1. Gives you an immediate tax benefit
  2. Reduces your taxable income without the need for receipts
  3. Provides you with an opportunity to feel good about helping LifeFlight to save lives
  4. Allows you to donate as much or as little as you like

“LifeFlight’s survival relies heavily on its own fundraising efforts and donations, so for me there is a feel-good factor, knowing that my small contribution helps in some way to keep the service going,”  – Mark Taylor, Gold Coast City Council employee and Workplace Giving donor.

Benefits for the Employer

Workplace Giving is a way for businesses and their employees to support LifeFlight. It is a simple way to enhance your business’ involvement in the community and has significant business, employee and community benefits. Workplace Giving is a great way for businesses to demonstrate a commitment to the causes their employees are passionate about.

Introducing a LifeFlight Workplace Giving program can:

  1. Give you an opportunity to engage with your workforce and can assist with employee attraction and retention
  2. Be a powerful tool to drive employee morale, satisfaction and organisational pride
  3. Show a commitment to shareholders, employees and customers towards the safety and well being of people within your community

The program is easy to set up and low cost to maintain. Employers can also further support their employee’s efforts by matching donations – demonstrating an organisational commitment to staff interests.

Sign up today and help save lives in your community. The next life we save could be yours.