Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) Training

Training in the use of high-tech Night Vision Goggles (NVGs), which increase safety for crews and the ability to reach patients after dark.

Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) Training

  • Night vision goggles (NVG) are a head-mounted night vision enhancement device. They use image intensifying technology to amplify the available ambient light sufficiently for images to be seen through the NVG eyepieces as a monochromatic green image.
  • NVG technology evolved mainly in advanced military forces, including Australia’s defence forces.
  • With suitable training and operating procedures, the use of NVG can enhance crew situational awareness and improve overall flight safety under night visual flight rules (NVFR). The use of NVG for civilian helicopter operations is increasing.
  • CASA approved LifeFlight to use NVG in its life-saving helicopter rescue operations soon after the technology received approval for civil application.
  • Australia-wide, public interest helicopter operators such as search and rescue, law enforcement, aerial firefighting, aerial firefighting support, emergency medical services, marine pilot transfers, training for any of these, and demonstration and positioning flights are adopting NVG for their night-time operations.

LifeFlight is now approved to offer NVG training to both pilots and aircrew officers. Courses will be available online soon. To register your interest, please fill in the form below.

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