Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) and Helicopter Landing Site Officer (HLSO) Training

HLSO training provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to work as a Helicopter Landing Site Officer.

About HLSO Training 

HLSO training provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to work as a Helicopter Landing Site Officer.

You will learn:

  • Safety procedures when working in and around rotary wing aircraft
  • The roles and responsibilities of a HLSO
  • How to prepare and operate a variety of helicopter landing sites
  • How to identify and manage risks at a helicopter landing site
  • How to deal with helicopter emergencies and incidents

The course contains three competency standards and is conducted full-time over two days.

What’s covered?

Two (2) Units of Competency, which offer a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment, and two (2) LifeFlight Training Modules which offer a Training Certificate.

  • Prepare Helicopter Landing Site and Unprepared Helicopter Landing Site (LifeFlight Training Module)
  • Learn how to prepare and manage Unprepared, Prepared and Certified Helicopter Landing Sites.
  • Respond to a Helicopter Landing Site Incident (LifeFlight Training Module)
  • Learn how to respond to aviation incidents including emergency landings, fire, evacuations, survivor assistance and post-incident procedures and briefings.
  • AVIF0044 – Marshal aircraft
  • Learn how to marshal aircraft during start/shutdown phases, by day and night, and to direct aircraft movements as ground personnel using standard aircraft marshalling signals.
  • PUAFIR209 – Work safely around aircraft
  • Learn how to work safely around incoming and departing aircraft, meeting the full range of workplace health and safety requirements.


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Assessment for each standard consists of a written exam, practical observation throughout the course and evaluation during simulations. Results will be provided upon completion of the course and certificates issued within 30 days of achieving competency.

Very well organised and presented course by LifeFlight. Phil Head and Jerome Guitton were brilliant instructors and were experts in their field. Thank you Phil for all the extra work and time you put in to assist me in completing my ATPL. LifeFlight Training Academy has friendly, helpful and dedicated people and that is what makes the difference between a good and excellent training organisation.

Marius de Jager (October 2020)

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