Our journey lines grow stronger, when we listen and learn

Developed by Wakka Wakka artist David Williams, this artwork reaffirms LifeFlight’s commitment to reconciliation. Watch an interview about bringing LifeFlight’s artwork to life.

Wherever LifeFlight go across the vast spaces of this state and beyond, we aim to be the vital connection that offers reassurance in the midst of uncertainty. We care deeply about the communities we serve and contributing to reconciliation through greater health equity.

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the true owners and original innovators of this place. The rich cultural diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and lines of connection have crossed this land and sky for thousands of generations, keeping communities and culture strong. By caring deeply about every person we serve, our journey lines of connection can only grow stronger.

We recognise and respect the broad range of cultures and diversity within the communities we serve, and through this lens we are proud to be on the journey to reconciliation.

Our hope is for equity, recognition and advancement of First Nations peoples. We are proud to share LifeFlight’s first Reconciliation Action Plan with the communities we serve, our partners, our patients and employees.

A deeper understanding and respect have always ignited and inspired our efforts to make a difference. This Reconciliation Action Plan will help guide LifeFlight to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, establish mutual respect and trust, and respond to their needs. Our hope is this Plan will provide tangible and substantive benefits by enhancing our service delivery and increasing support for First Nations communities.

Read LifeFlight’s Reconciliation Action Plan here.