Chopper rescues dad and son after trio walks 12 hours to raise alarm

RACQ LifeFlight Rescue has rescued a 10-year-old boy and his father from floodwaters in remote north-west Queensland, after their companions walked for twelve hours, to raise the alarm.

The group’s ute became bogged in floodwaters, west of Mount Isa, yesterday evening (Sunday 27th).

The occupants spent the night in the car, before three of them set off around 6 o’clock this morning (Monday 28th), to walk to Mount Isa, to call for help for the father and son, who remained behind.

After walking approximately 50 kilometres, the trio arrived at the police station around 6pm and pointed on a map to where their companions were stranded.

The Mount Isa-based RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter was tasked shortly after and flew directly to the location.

Just before last light, the crew located the man and child sitting on the roof of a vehicle and landed the helicopter on a dry patch of land nearby.

The pair did not require medical attention and were flown to Mount Isa Airport in good spirits.

RACQ LifeFlight Rescue Pilot Russell Proctor said the father and son did all the right things.

“They had water with them. Despite having to wait such a long time to be rescued, they remained with their vehicle until help arrived.”