New trauma training educator ready to empower local communities

People eager to learn skills that can save a life in a medical emergency can now book into LifeFlight’s free in-person trauma training workshops.

Toowoomba-based First Minutes Matter Regional Medical Educator Leah Harrison has started her new community-funded role and is set to empower the Darling Downs and South West communities with life-saving knowledge and skills.

Leah lives locally and has over 20 years’ experience as an emergency department nurse and clinical educator.

“I am excited to be able to do this in my own town and in other regional and rural communities,” she said.

“These regional communities are fully aware that help from emergency services can be further away and that’s why it’s vital they know how to start lifesaving interventions as soon as possible.

“If any of the skills taught in a First Minutes Matter workshop saves or improves the outcome of even one life, it will be worth it.”

Her position has been funded by the attendees of last year’s LifeFlight Toowoomba Gala in May, who generously pledged donations towards a Toowoomba-based First Minutes Matter educator. 

Leah said she’s excited to educate and connect with the Darling Downs and South West communities.

“I feel very privileged to know this role has been funded by the community, and the hard work of the Darling Downs Regional Advisory Committee,” she said. 

“It feels amazing to start a new role knowing that you already have the support of the community behind you.

“I look forward to seeing members of the community this coming May at the Toowoomba Gala, where I will have a setup to show the generous supporters a small snippet of what First Minutes Matter looks like.”

First Minutes Matter is a free safety education program offered online and in-person by LifeFlight’s highly skilled medical training experts.

During the free in-person workshop, participants will learn how to deal with trauma incidents including seizures, choking, burns, bleeding, snake bites and cardiac events.

The workshop at Injune is generously sponsored by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal.

The Roma and Surat workshops are kindly sponsored by Arrow Energy Brighter Futures. 

The next series of in-person First Minutes Matter South West region workshops are scheduled: 

  • Injune – 16 April
  • Roma – 17 April
  • Surat – 18 April

Darling Downs region workshops:

  • Toowoomba – 22 April
  • Highfields – 23 April

Register at – for the workshops, or the online course.