Clive Berghofer AM named Queensland Community Philanthropist of the Year

Toowoomba businessman and LifeFlight supporter Clive Berghofer AM has been named the 2024 Queensland Community Philanthropist of the Year for his unwavering commitment to giving back to the Queensland community. 

The impact of Mr Berghofer’s support is profound. Notwithstanding his significant role as a benefactor in the Toowoomba region and other tangible contributions, Clive’s philanthropic work demonstrates a deep commitment to the wider Queensland community.

His investment in LifeFlight of more than $7 million since 2007 has directly saved lives and enhanced the well-being of countless individuals.

Mr Berghofer’s philanthropy has nurtured a culture of generosity, inspiring a wave of communal support and collective action. His legacy is a testament to how strategic giving can transform society, enhancing the well-being and spirit of the entire Queensland community.

To date, Clive Berghofer has donated a combined amount of $130M – either personally, through his company Jeteld or the Clive Berghofer Foundation.

LifeFlight has been saving the lives across Queensland since 1979 and comes to the aid of one patient every 70 minutes.