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Thales LifeFlight Simulation centre

The dedicated facility features the first Thales-built Reality H AW139 Level D Full Flight Simulator and sets the safety and training standard in innovative AW139 aircrew training.


Specifically designed for oil and gas, search and rescue, emergency services helicopter operators, the Reality H AW139 Level D Full Flight Simulator provides outstanding realism for mission training. 


Compliant to Level D according to CASA/EASA regulation requirements, the Reality H AW139 Level D Full Flight Simulator enables pilots to maintain their qualification required by regulatory authorities.

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The Thales LifeFlight Reality H AW139 Civil Helicopter Simulator

The Thales simulator is:

Training options include:

Pilot Conversion to Type/Class
Pilot Recurrent
Instrument Flight Training (Initial and Recurrent)
Night Vision Imaging System Training
Night VFR refresher or initial training

Aircrew Training

LifeFlight endeavour to provide course materials and practical simulation system training to reflect the environment and situations that students may experience in their aviation workplace. All LifeFlight instructors are highly qualified with operational aviation experience with both military and civilian experience in a wide variety of Aviation and Helicopter emergency medical and rescue mission profiles such as

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First Class Facilities

Relevant Training Solutions

We understand that every operation is unique, this requires a training solution that is tailored and contextualised. This is a major differentiator of the Thales LifeFlight Simulation Training Centre. Our unique approach to creating training and development frameworks for each of our clients means we customise both the training and assessment according to the specific policies and procedures of your operation. Our training team is made up of very experienced ground and Flight Instructors, who together bring a combined Helicopter industry experience of well over 100 years from a wide variety of operations.

state-of-the-art pilot training

instructor experience


Type rating training and testing on AW139, AW189, Bell 412, Bell 230 and AS350 helicopters


130 years of combined helicopter experience and over 25,000 hours of flight experience.

Night Vision training

NVIS training and testing


Most frequent training questions and answers

Comprising a 2-week ground training component and flight instruction in the Thales AW139 full flight simulator (FFS-D). This course is designed to provide qualified rotary wing pilots with the theoretical knowledge and practical skillset required to safely operate the AW139 helicopter type under VFR and IFR conditions — and to qualify for the AW139 type rating under CASR Parts 61 and 142. Note that pre-requisites apply. A VFR-only course is available.

If a student is training alone, the simulator program will comprise 16 hours – all as handling pilot.

  • Recurrent training on the AW139 includes a 2-day systems refresher course in the classroom followed by 6-hours in the Thales AW139 full flight simulator as handling pilot.

    Normal and emergency operations are covered under VFR and (if required) IFR conditions. The final sortie in the simulator comprises either 1) an AW139 type rating flight review (IAW CASR 61.800) (for VFR-only pilots) or 2) an AW139 Instrument Proficiency Check and Flight Review (IAW CASR 61.800 and 61.805) (for IFR and VFR pilots).

An AW139 type-specific instrument proficiency check (IPC) meeting the requirements of CASR 61.805 and Schedule 6 of the Part 61 MOS is conducted as a 2-hour simulator sortie. The IPC covers IAP2D and IAP3D approaches including RNP procedures, Azimuth and CDI procedures, and circling approaches. The IPC can be conducted either Single Pilot IFR or Two Pilot IFR – as required.

  • Display resolution and level of detail is the best in industry
  • Field of view exceeds the regulated requirement 235°
  • Horizontal and 80° Vertical
  • Pilots are able to complete manoeuvres at low altitude and with high visibility
  • Field of view descents and obstacle avoidance
  • Aiming Point comes into view significantly earlier than any other industry simulator

“The Thales Simulator has amazing fidelity when compared to the real helicopter and brings the training experience to a new level of excellence.”
– Jeremy Ovens, Head of Operations, LifeFlight

Invoices are currently organised once enrolments have been received and your placement is confirmed on a course.

Once invoiced, you have the option to pay via credit card or bank transfer.

Please note, credit card payments over $1500 will incur a 1.15% surcharge fee.

  • Pilot Conversion to Type/Class
  • Pilot Recurrent
  • Instrument Flight Training (Initial and Recurrent)
  • Night Vision Imaging System Training
  • Night VFR refresher or initial training