Bushwalkers winched from mountain ledge

The men, aged in their early twenties, had been descending the mountain, when they found they had taken the wrong track.

One of them then slipped and fell eight metres.

The second man made his way down to check on his friend, who had suffered only minor abrasions.

They were on a small ledge three-quarters of the way up Mt Beerwah and were unable to reach a walking track.

They called Triple Zero for help.

The rescue chopper arrived on the scene just after 4:30pm (Sat 25th) and winched the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) Critical Care Flight Paramedic down to the ledge.

The bushwalkers were winched into the aircraft one at a time, then flown to the bottom of the mountain, where an emergency serviced command centre had been established.

Neither of the men needed to be airlifted to hospital.