LifeFlight Air Ambulance jet to bring Aussie volcano survivors home

The specialist retrieval medical teams include two LifeFlight Critical Care Doctors and two LifeFlight Critical Care Flight Nurses. 

The intention is for the retrieval teams to travel to a Christchurch hospital and meet with the treating medical staff for an extensive clinical handover. 

The two survivors of the volcano tragedy will then be transported back to the LifeFlight Air Ambulance jet and they will then be airlifted to Australia.

The Challenger 604 LifeFlight Air Ambulance jet is a long-range aeromedical aircraft and is fitted out as an advanced medical platform.

The flying Intensive Care Unit is rescue-ready 365 days of the year and has the capability and on-board technology to transport two ICU teams and two patients.

The patients will be constantly monitored by the medical teams, during the repatriation journey.

The LifeFlight Air Ambulance jet is expected to land in Sydney late this afternoon, local time.