FREE community trauma training

First Minutes Matter is a free safety education program utilising LifeFlight's decades of aeromedical experience. Every day, our crews arrive at critical incidents where the first minutes matter. Through this experience, LifeFlight’s aircrews know firsthand that members of the general community who unexpectedly may find themselves to be the first to arrive at a traumatic incident or accident can provide immediate lifesaving care. The First Minutes Matter program provides an opportunity for you to learn these practical skills directly from LifeFlight's own medical team. What you'll learn could save a life.

LifeFlight has saved 74,000+ lives since 1979. We want to share our lifesaving knowledge.

Learn how to:

  • Describe types of burns, assess the seriousness and treat them.​
  • Understand causes of bleeding in trauma and control bleeding.
  • Assess and treat snake bites and immobilise the limb.​
  • Help a choking child and adult.
  • Recognise a seizure and how to assist.
  • Perform CPR and be aware of Automated External Defibrillators.
  • Learn about helpful equipment that can help in case of trauma incidents.


Start learning with our medical team practical skills that could help save a life in an emergency.

*This program is not accredited. However, you will learn from LifeFlight's medical team.

Online course

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Date: Town: Address:
Tue 21/2/2023 Mackay Australian Institute of Management Register
Wed 22/2/2023 Moranbah Moranbah Community Centre Register
Tue 28/2/2023 Redland Bay Redland Bay Community Hall Register
Thu 2/3/2023 Cleveland Cleveland Library Register
Fri 3/3/2023 Dunwich Dunwich Public Hall Register
Date: Town:
Tue 21/2/2023 Mackay Register
Wed 22/2/2023 Moranbah Register
Tue 28/2/2023 Redland Bay Register
Thu 2/3/2023 Cleveland Register
Fri 3/3/2023 Dunwich Register

If your town isn't listed in the workshops above, submit an expression of interest for us to visit your town!

Why do the training?

Patient outcomes are dramatically improved by actions taken in the first minutes after a trauma incident before emergency crews arrive. You can make a difference.

"We were out on a Sunday afternoon ride. Another group of riders have come around the corner. So we've hit head-on... I was unconscious for about 15 minutes. I have four little kids at home. They wouldn’t have a mum today if it wasn’t for the quick thinking of others and LifeFlight." - Tiffany Thomson, South West Resident

Have minutes made a difference in your life? Share your story.

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Without our sponsors, we wouldn't be able to deliver the program to communities like yours across Queensland.

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