Leave a Gift in Your Will

Leave a lasting legacy and impact for future generations through a bequest pledge.

You may not see the impact of your bequest today, but it will have a profound impact on the lives of those you help save, their families and the generations that follow them.

You’ve worked hard during your life and you naturally have loved ones to care for once you’re no longer here.

To use some of your estate to help save the lives of others in need is a kind and generous gesture, which we at the LifeFlight Foundation cherish and use wisely.

Your gift can help make a real difference to thousands of people.

Download your copy of the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue Bequest Brochure.

You can also read some of our frequently asked questions.


"It's about that little premature baby who is now in school and tearing around the playground with the other kids. Once you see that and you imagine the despair of those parents when that premature baby had to be air-rescued to hospital and then see that same child going to school happy and healthy is what inspires me to give."

Layne Daly