Aircrew Officer Virtual Reality Simulator

LifeFlight's virtual reality simulator transforms the way aircrew officers train for lifesaving winch missions, by combining high fidelity virtual reality technology and physical elements, built into a replica of a helicopter cabin.


Once fitted with the virtual reality headset, trainees can experience simulations with challenging elements that could never be implemented in live helicopter training – such as creating wild weather conditions.

The simulator can be adjusted to model either an AW139 or Bell 412 helicopter and can be used to train other cabin crew, such as nurses and paramedics.


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The simulator was funded by the generosity of more than 2000 donors, who gave to the LifeFlight Foundation’s Autumn Appeal.

Our location

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Enrolling for courses at the LifeFlight Training Academy means you will undertake world-class, state-of-the-art training in Brisbane, Queensland’s capital, in a location right next to Brisbane Airport. Your team can fly in, fly out with plenty of local accommodation and a minimal cost of getting around, or, you can take your time to explore Australia’s “New World City”.

Apart from the many attractions within the relaxed, sunny river city of Brisbane, you’ll be 1-2 hours from some of the most beautiful beaches in the Southern Hemisphere. What is Brisbane famous for? Subtropical warmth, relaxation and an easy, friendly pace – within Australia we’re known as the “holiday city”!


New aircrew officers can come here and train in a much calmer environment than with a live helicopter – they can do a ground lesson, then do static training in the simulator and get a feel for an aircraft before going anywhere near a real helicopter.

Tim McGuire - LifeFlight Training Academy Executive Manager

We don’t get a lot of time in the back of the aircraft in the cabin, because of the costs involved, so this really is going to allow us to develop our crewmen to the next level.

Simon Gray - Chief Aircrew Officer and simulator instructor

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Helicopter Underwater Escape Training



Type rating training and testing on AW139, AW189, Bell 412, Bell 230 and AS350 helicopters.


130 years of combined helicopter experience and over 25,000 hours of flight experience.

Night Vision training

NVIS training and testing.

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