Our End-to-End Aeromedical Solutions

LifeFlight operates a fleet of ten rotary-wing aircraft, including five latest-generation Leonardo AW139s, and flies over 4,600 flight hours each year. This rate of effort is higher than any other EMS provider in the Queensland Health Emergency Helicopter Network. To manage this demanding schedule, LifeFlight has developed best-practice maintenance, crewing, and training programs.

LifeFlight Australia is a proud member of the Australian Industry and Defence Network (AIDN).

Our End-to-End Aeromedical Solutions

LifeFlight is a vertically and horizontally integrated organisation that does not rely on third parties for critical service delivery. This ensures the highest levels of reliability, sustainability and safety. Relevantly, LifeFlight: 

  • Maintains aircraft using its extensive and experienced in-house engineering team
  • Manages its fleet and mission operations using a centralised control centre (‘C3’), which is operational 24/7/365
  • Trains and supplies all flight and medical crew, including pilots, doctors, paramedics, and nurses

All LifeFlight crew are trained at the LifeFlight Training Academy, a purpose-built facility that includes:

  • A CASA-certified level-D AW139 flight simulator;
  • A helicopter underwater escape training (HUET) facility
  • A custom-built medical simulator
  • A custom-built crew simulator

Within Australia 24/7: 1300 883 422
International 24/7: +61 7 5553 5955

International and domestic air ambulance emergency taskings

Email 24/7: ops@lifeflight.org.au

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LifeFlight’s integration within the Queensland Emergency Medical System means that it offers our clients more stability and flexibility than any other EMS provider. This is emphasised through:

  • LifeFlight’s position within the State’s Helicopter Network. LifeFlight is the largest EMS supplier to the Queensland Health Emergency Helicopter Network. With six rotary-wing bases and nine helicopters, LifeFlight delivers more services than all other EMS providers combined. As demonstrated below, this means LifeFlight can offer SGAS more efficiencies than any other provider.
  • LifeFlight’s new 10-year contract to supply medical officers to Queensland Health. LifeFlight’s role in the Queensland Emergency Medical System extends beyond helicopter rescue. It has been supplying medical officers to support the entire emergency helicopter network for almost 10 years, and has just executed a contract with Queensland Health to supply medical officer and medical coordination services through to 2029.
  • LifeFlight’s fixed-wing capability. The breadth of LifeFlight’s offering extends into fixed-wing rescue. LifeFlight has three fixed-wing aircraft that can service an extensive area—frequently travelling as far north as Japan. Through this capability, our clients can be assured that nowhere is out of reach of our aeromedical capabilities.