LifeFlight Australia’s proven capability to recruit, train and deploy specialised medical personnel is integral to our success in providing our lifesaving aeromedical services at home and internationally.

Since 2001, though our subsidiary LifeFlight Retrieval Medicine, we have hired and trained the consultant and registrar level doctors as well as flight nurses who deliver the aeromedical care on our rescue helicopters and air ambulance jets. In addition to our own fleet, Queensland Health contracts LifeFlight to secure the services of our highly trained critical care doctors across the state’s aeromedical network.

The skills and self-reliance of our critical care doctors are honed in our own ‘backyard’ of Queensland, where the geographical remoteness of many of the incidents to which our rescue helicopters respond necessitates more in-flight intensive care than required in most other countries with comparable aeromedical services.

These unique challenges and opportunities our doctors regularly encounter forge special capabilities that many of our internationally-recruited medical registrars take back home with them – to the benefit of their own nations’ health systems.

This real-world expertise also underpins LifeFlight’s air-medical training, with our medical instructors drawing on and sharing their recent front-line experiences, not only with our own doctor and flight nurse recruits but also with paramedics prior to their deployments with rescue helicopter crews.

Our first-class recruitment and training practices also make LifeFlight a supplier of choice for government and other organisations seeking specialised air-medical personnel on a contract basis.

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