What We Do

LifeFlight Australia stands ready, willing and able to deliver a complete suite of air ambulance and aero-medical services – directly into the Asia/South Pacific region and, through proven international partners, around the globe.

Operating three air ambulance jets and 10 search and medical retrieval helicopters, LifeFlight is one of the largest aero-medical operators in Australia. We have the people, the aircraft and the fully integrated systems to provide flexible, complete solutions to a wide range of time-critical pre-hospital tasks, including international medical evacuations.

Trusted by governments, businesses and communities, our world-class in-house expertise and infrastructure can also be deployed to provide specially tailored offerings such as telephone medical advisory services (TMAS), the supply of pre-hospital medical specialists on contract to third parties, remote location medical services and tasking coordination.

This impressive capability is the outcome of a highly synergistic approach to the coordination and deployment of all LifeFlight operations, from mission tasking to the direct recruitment and training of our own flight crews and medical staff at the LifeFlight Training Academy, based at Brisbane International Airport.

Underpinned by a long track record in saving lives and by strict governance, including the highest levels of compliance with all applicable civil aviation regulations and specialist medical college accreditations, LifeFlight offers a trusted choice in aero-medicine and related disciplines.