Two bushwalkers winched from Mount Beerwah

RACQ CareFlight Rescue’s Sunshine Coast helicopter was tasked at 7:30am Sunday morning to Mount Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast where two bushwalkers were stranded overnight.

The rescue helicopter took off from the Maroochydore base and attempted to locate the bushwalkers; due to poor weather conditions the helicopter was unable to locate the bushwalkers at that time and returned to base.

During a break in the conditions the crew had a small window of opportunity to takeoff and locate the bushwalkers early in the afternoon. 

A crewman was winched down to a small ledge roughly one point five metres long where both men were located. Both men were fitted with a patient harness and were winched on board the aircraft.

One male had suffered a small laceration to his leg.

The rescue helicopter landed at the base of the mountain where the search command had been situated, both bushwalkers were attended to by the Queensland Police and Queensland Ambulance.