Telephone Medical Advisory Services (TMAS)

LifeFlight Australia’s Telephone Medical Advisory Services (TMAS) are underpinned by our unique and well-proven combination of skill sets honed over 40 years of delivering life-saving pre-hospital medical care.

Our vast experience in retrieval medicine translates to an invaluable store of knowledge that is accessible to clients 24/7 through our TMAS capabilities.

In situations where medical advice is urgently needed – and immediate face-to-face intervention is not an option – there is the reassurance of having one of LifeFlight’s consultant-level emergency medicine specialists available to advise and guide on appropriate first steps in patient care pending evacuation to hospital, if necessary.

All of our TMAS consultants are members of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, with first-hand experience of providing remote area and pre-hospital critical care onboard our rescue helicopters or Air Ambulance jets.

The sophisticated systems and technologies embedded in the LifeFlight Coordination Centre not only ensure that our medical advice is available via phone in even the most remote or isolated parts of the globe; they also can be used to organise, deploy and oversee patient evacuations (often using LifeFlight’s own resources) when required.

LifeFlight is currently contracted to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority to provide medical advice for medical incidents that may occur at sea to both the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) and directly to persons involved in the incident.

In another example of how LifeFlight Australia can bundle or unbundle our offerings to meet client needs, TMAS is part of the comprehensive package of aeromedical services we provide under contract to employees of a group of competing resources companies extracting natural gas in Queensland’s Surat Basin.

As with all of LifeFlight’s activities, our fully coordinated TMAS is backed by comprehensive data-gathering, analytics and reporting to clients to ensure the highest compliance standards and the lowest safety and legal risks.

Whether in Australia, overseas or on the seas, LifeFlight Australia has the TMAS capabilities to enhance the health and welfare of the people our corporate and government partners value: their people and their clients.

We invite you to talk with us about how we can deliver the TMAS solutions your organisation is looking for in the following fields:

  • Remote area resource extraction and infrastructure development
  • Passenger cruise industry
  • Defence exercises
  • Expatriate staff emergency health care
  • Travel insurance