Rapid rescue off Table Top Mountain

A 14 year old female was unable to walk after she sustained a suspected ankle injury while climbing the mountain with a group of friends.
The rescue helicopter landed on the top of the mountain in the afternoon light, crewmen then carried the patient to the aircraft before flying to the Toowoomba Hospital. 
Leigh Aynsley Pilot of the Toowoomba based Bell 412 believes it was on of the fastest rescues that the crew had ever performed on Table Top and praised the groups decision to stay put on top of the mountain.
“I think we set a new record for fastest rescue of the year, we flew in landed, loaded the patient and took off, it was really quick” he said
I have had to do three winch rescues on this mountain and this by far was the easiest and fastest rescues on Table Top that we have ever done”
“Trying to get down the mountain with an injured person can be really risky, especially in the fading afternoon light. The group made a smart decision to stay on top of the mountain and wait for help.”
The group of walkers, which included some nurses, decided to stay on top of the popular mountain and await rescue services, rather than risk the dangers of a descent in bad light.
Regardless of the circumstances RACQ LifeFlight Rescue will always be on hand to save anyone, anywhere at anytime. 

The exciting rescue mission was the third in the first two days of work for one of LifeFlight’s new Toowoomba based Critical Care Doctors. Due to crew configurations for the landing, Dr Joshua McGuigan rode in the co pilots seat to the mountain (pictured).