RACQ LifeFlight chopper joins police response to HAZMAT incident

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) tasked RACQ LifeFlight Rescue to assist them to make an aerial inspection of a forklift which was reportedly emitting smoke, loaded with one tonne of ammonium nitrate and possibly at risk of exploding.
Police had made an emergency declaration under the the Public Safety Preservation Act at 2.20pm, enforcing an exclusion zone and shutting down Mt Isa Airport.
RACQ LifeFlight Rescue flew two explosives experts to survey the area, while safely remaining outside the 2.2 kilometre exclusion zone.
Following their surveillance flight, the experts deemed it safe to fly a drone more closely to the potentially hazardous material, to assess the risk.

QPS revoked the emergency declaration at  6.30pm.
The exclusion zone has now been lifted and the airport has reopened.
2018 was a record year for LifeFlight for lifesaving missions with its aeromedical crews, community helicopters and Air Ambulance jets performing a record 5,724 missions throughout Queensland and around the world.
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