RACQ CareFlight’s flood relief rescue missions


11pm – Warwick: A father and son were stranded by flood waters on the roof of their home on a farming property. The flood levels had risen so much the mens’ only option to reach dry ground was on top of the roof of their house. The RACQ CareFlight team winched the men to the safety of the aircraft, before airlifting them to the Warwick Evacuation Area near Warwick Hospital.

5:10am – Warwick: Two adults and three children had been stranded by flood waters at their property near Warwick. Two females and three children were winched into the RACQ CareFlight helicopter from their flooded farm. They were airlifted to the CareFlight’s Toowoomba base, where police and family members met them.

9:20am – Bunya Mountains: A 77-year-old man suffering from heart failure had to be airlifted to hospital due to roads being cut off by flood waters. The patient was airlifted to Toowoomba Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

6.30am – Bright View: A woman and her newborn baby were airlifted to hospital after her semi-rural property was isolated by flood waters. She gave birth the day before with the help of her partner and other family members who were supported over the phone by emergency services. Mother and baby were both well and were airlifted to St Andrew’s Private Hospital in Ipswich.

7.30am – Lowood: A woman isolated by floodwaters at Lowood was experiencing early signs of labour. She was airlifted to Ipswich Hospital.

10:20am – Lowood: A 20 year-old-man was airlifted from the roof of his house, surrounded by floodwaters at Lowood. He was transported to the Lowood Evacuation Centre.

1:10pm – Esk: A 72-year-old cardiac patient was airlifted from Esk Hospital, with the town isolated by flood waters. He was airlifted to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in a stable condition.

9.20am – Warwick: An 81-year-old woman suffering from a cardiac condition was airlifted from Warwick Hospital to the Royal Brisbane Hospital. She was stable when airlifted and was then transported by road to St Andrew’s Private Hospital.

3pm – Atkinson Dam: A 42-year-old female with chest pain was airlifted to Ipswich Hospital. She had been isolated by flood waters and was airlifted in a stable condition.

8:10am – Lowood: Two patients who had been cut off by flood waters required evacuation. One patient was a 74-year-old female suffering from a heart condition. The second patient was an 18-year-old man suffering from a swollen leg. Both patients were airlifted to Ipswich Hospital in a stable condition.

1.30pm – Toowoomba: A 67-year-old female victim of the Toowoomba flash flooding incident was airlifted to the Princess Alexandra Hospital with a cardiac condition. The woman had been rescued from her car on Monday after it had been swept away during the inland tsunami. She had been receiving treatment in Toowoomba Hospital since the incident.