Our Funding Model

Aeromedical care is a vital community service and delivering it is a high-cost proposition.

The combination of highly skilled professionals, together with cutting edge helicopters fitted with advanced medical capabilities, means achieving sufficient funding to keep airborne is an ongoing challenge.

Our funding model must be both reliable and diversified to ensure we are sustainable and able to meet community needs.

A service agreement with the Queensland Government, community fundraising, and innovative profit-for-purpose social enterprises form a unique funding model with the sole purpose of keeping our community helicopters in the air.

At our heart, we are a charity dedicated to saving lives, but we think with the head of a business. We help ourselves through commercial endeavours where all profits are directed back into the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopters. We are proud of our Air Ambulance, Training Academy, Coordination Centre and other profit for purpose initiatives which help us to keep aloft, both financially and in the skies over Queensland; working hard every minute of every day, to save lives.