To LifeFlight, quality and safety is not just a catchphrase but rather a company-wide responsibility involving every employee.  

Our operational and technical staff are among the highest qualified in the industry. Our dedication to service delivery, safety and quality are at the core of our culture.

LifeFlight has a positive internal culture, cultivated and developed over the past 35 years. Our commitment to safety is deeply ingrained in the organisation at all levels. This dedication is evidenced by our impeccable aircraft safety record and zero accident history. 

Safety first

We are committed to continuous improvement in the efforts to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all employees, the preservation and protection of the environment and the operational security of staff and assets is maintained.

Our dedicated quality and safety team collectively have in excess of 100 years of operational aviation experience.

Safety management system

A key component to the success of our safe operations is our Safety Management System (SMS) which provides a common understanding of the definitions and elements of the SMS. LifeFlight utilises the Air Maestro® web-based software application to enhance the safety, compliance and efficiency of our personnel and operational environment.

The Air Maestro® system enables an open reporting conduit for every team member to identify, report and improve our systems and procedures. LifeFlight’s integrated Environmental Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) guides our safety culture and is a primary reason for maintaining an industry leading accident avoidance rate.

LifeFlight’s EHSMS is aligned with industry recognised best practice and international standards including ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems, ISO 31000 Risk Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.