Why the name change?

Having experienced a period of rapid growth and renewal, LifeFlight decided, after much deliberation, that a change of name was needed to better suit our growing organisation.

Above all, saving lives is at the core of what we do every day across all elements of our organisation and hence LifeFlight was chosen because saving lives is what we are all about.

The change is in name only, our organisation remains a not-for-profit service and retains the same strong community and industry focus and connection.

The change was also necessary to reduce confusion in the community with CareFlight New South Wales, which started around the same time as us, but which is a totally separate organisation and business with no association with CareFlight Group Queensland Ltd. 

Has the change meant that money has been spent on marketing rather than frontline services?

There are some costs associated with the change of name, however much of what was produced would have been developed as part of normal business. We are keeping the cost of the name change to an absolute minimum and largely contained within the “business as usual” budget.

If I ever need a LifeFlight helicopter, do I have to pay?

Under no circumstance will patients be asked to pay for their rescue service. However in circumstances where a third party might consider payment such as work cover or private health insurance or in the case of a legal claim, we would gratefully appreciate your help in submitting the invoice for consideration to the third party.

Some people who have been rescued by a LifeFlight aircraft make a donation after the event and we always welcome such acts of generosity. And if you also wish to share your rescue story, we would love to hear from you. 

Where are LifeFlight’s bases and aircraft located?

As a leading Australian charity, we operate 10 rescue helicopters and three air ambulance jets across eight locations. LifeFlight's corporate office is located in Brisbane.

Can I donate to a specific project or fund a specific item?

Of course! You can email supporters@lifeflight.org.au and our LifeFlight Foundation fundraisers would be happy to discuss which larger projects currently require funding. We’ll help you select which project you’d like to contribute towards and show you how you can make the biggest impact with your donation. 

Where does my money go when I donate?

The LifeFlight Foundation is transparent and open with where we invest your generous donations. This year, together we are funding the delivery of the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue community service as well as vital aeromedical training, purchasing lifesaving medical equipment, funding maintenance costs and upgrading helicopter assets. 

As a separate entity, the LifeFlight Foundation will be able to present audited accounts relating solely to the financial activities of the Foundation to show donors exactly what they’re contributing towards. Our upcoming Annual Review in 2017-18 will give supporters specific details about items and initiatives funded this year by generous donors. 

Why was the LifeFlight Foundation established and what’s its purpose?

The LifeFlight Foundation is a community-based organisation that supports and funds the emergency aeromedical services of LifeFlight Australia. The team is made up of the same team of experienced fundraisers as before, but with a structure that will maximise fundraising results to help fund the growing needs of the organisation.