LifeFlight is a world leader in aeromedical care and Australia's most diversified service with both a fixed and rotary wing fleet. 

We bring emergency, lifesaving medical treatment to seriously ill and injured patients around Australia and the world.

Queensland's rural and remote communities rely on the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopters to bring the hospital to them in their darkest hour. Without the support community donations, we couldn't continue our lifesaving work. 

Our History from LifeFlight Australia CEO - 1979 to present

In 1981, LifeFlight began as the Gold Coast Helicopter Rescue Service with a single-engine helicopter performing weekend beach and surf patrols on the Gold Coast. The team consisted of one permanent pilot and 15 volunteer crewmen.

In 2013 RACQ LifeFlight Rescue merged with the Sunshine Coast helicopter rescue service which had begun in 1979. 

Today, LifeFlight has evolved into a multi-faceted air-medical service with a fleet of 10 helicopters and three Air Ambulance jets operating 24/7 from eight locations across Queensland. Our team has also grown to more than 400 employees.

I have been with the service since it began and have been fortunate to lead a dedicated team of professionals and work alongside external partners who share my passion for LifeFlight.

LifeFlight would not be able to operate without the ongoing support of our valued community, corporate and government sponsors; our loyal naming rights partner RACQ; our Board members; and of course our LifeFlight ​​​​​​family working tirelessly behind the scenes to make it all happen. Whether you are part of our aviation and medical crews on the frontline, or work in one of the many departments across our organisation – you have all played a vital role in the achievements of the past 40 years.

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes to each and every one of our team members who enable LifeFlight to continue saving lives. You have all shared in making LifeFlight ​​​​​​a success and in doing so have flown more than 50,000 critical rescue missions. For this you should feel very proud.

Ashley van de Velde
CEO LifeFlight