Primary Missions

During a primary rescue, our helicopter will land at the site of a serious accident, emergency or national disaster to provide first-response medical care at the scene.

In these situations, it’s vital that a critical care doctor can reach and treat patients within the ‘golden hour’ to reduce the severity of injuries and give patients the best chance of survival.

Research shows that a patient’s chance of surviving an accident can be increased by up to 50% if they’re treated by a doctor within an hour of sustaining their injuries.

LifeFlight can often reach these patients in a matter of minutes.

Our helicopter brings the hospital to the patient, landing on roads, properties, schools, ovals, remote bushland and even large vessels out at sea. Our teams have transported people from motor vehicle, farming or industrial accidents or after suffering snake bites, bike injuries, falls or animal attacks. The nature of these incidents is as complex and varied as the patients we airlift, no two missions are ever the same.

LifeFlight performs more than 400 primary rescues each year, restoring these people back to health and back to their families.