What's Covered

  • Emergency Preparation – includes the importance of pre-flight preparation, briefing procedures and safe boarding techniques.
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Equipment – includes identifying and using common aviation PPE and helicopter emergency and safety equipment.
  • Emergency Procedures and Drills – includes brace positions, personal response control, cockpit/cabin management and orientation.
  • Aircraft Underwater Escape Skills – including development of escape plans, operation of primary and secondary exits, dealing with exit hazards and complications.
  • Deploying Life Saving Equipment – includes knowledge on how to safely deploy life jackets and life rafts. This subject also covers how to safely board a life raft and life raft management, use of survival equipment and ration management.
  • Sea Survival Techniques – includes cold water survival, swimming techniques, HELP and HUDDLE positions, maximizing survival time , flotation and group survival techniques.
  • Search and Rescue Procedures – includes techniques to minimise your rescue time including effective use of signaling equipment such as GPS systems, EPIRBS, flares and marker dyes. Helicopter and vessel  search and recovery procedures.
  • Medical Safety – includes prevention and treatment of hypothermia, hydration and dehydration considerations, along with general survivor well being.