About EBS Training

EBS Training provides you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to successfully escape from a submerged aircraft. Our custom designed simulator replicates the wide range of conditions and challenges you’d encounter in a real emergency, ensuring you have the skills needed to save your own life and those of others. Graduates receive full accreditation upon completion (AVIF2015).

You’ll learn:

  • About different types of EBS and their characteristics
  • How to deal with malfunctions
  • EBS clearing operations
  • How to conduct before flight and after flight checks and procedures
  • How to safely breathe compressed air
  • How to use an EBS in an inverted position to safely exit a submerged helicopter

The course trains you to cope with a variety of ditching situations including:

  • Upright submersion
  • Underwater inversion
  • Night time simulation (blindfold)
  • Combination day and night simulation
  • Secondary exits (cross cabin procedures)