Introductory Crewman Course

Learn the skills you need to work in and around helicopters in an operational environment.

Through theoretical and practical training you’ll learn:

  • About pre and post flight preparation – the importance of preparation, briefing procedures and safe boarding techniques.
  • How to identify and use essential Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Equipment.
  • How to conduct Emergency Procedures and Drills – dealing with equipment failure, directing passengers, working with pilots and crew, brace positions and personal response control.
  • How to escape a submerged aircraft and survive at sea.
  • How to use lifesaving equipment including life jackets and life rafts.
  • How to carry out aviation and helicopter security procedures.
  • How to land in prepared and improvised sites and carry out winching and wireman activities.
Credit towards Cert III in Aviation

Completing the Crewman course will give you 9 of the 14 competencies needed for a Certificate III in Aviation – Rescue Crewman (AVI30510).  If you wish to obtain your Certificate III qualification, we can provide you with additional training to do so. We also offer a Certificate IV in Aviation to further develop your skills and further enhance your career prospects.