Bell Helicopters

LifeFlight owns and operates five Bell 412s and one Bell 230. 

Bell 412

LifeFlight’s Bell 412 helicopters have been custom-configured to carry up to four crew and two patients with the capability of taking additional non-critical patients on seats.

The Bell 412 is fitted with a 250ft winch for rescues in mountainous or in accessible areas where landings are not possible.

LifeFlight’s Bell 412 fleet has undergone cockpit lighting modifications to be compatible with Night Vision Goggles (NVG). A pilot and crewperson trained on NVG can literally “see at night”. This has greatly enhanced mission safety and patient outcomes during night operations, especially to remote areas.

A wide range of world-class medical equipment is carried on board with additional storage for items in the tail boot locker. 

Bell 230

The Bell 230 is a twin-turbine helicopter designed to carry up to eight people including one or two pilots, with six passenger seats fitted to the rear cabin.

LifeFlight configured this helicopter for its medical role to carry four crew and one stretchered patient.

The Bell 230 operates out of LifeFlight’s Mount Isa Base and is equipped with world-class medical equipment to deal with both trauma and medical patients who require critical care.

Up to six hours of medical oxygen can be provided to patients from bottles in a modified compartment which is plumbed internally to access ports on board the helicopter.

Like the Bell 412’s, the Bell 230 is rated to fly day and night and has the cockpit instrumentation needed to fly in all types of weather. 


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Bell Helicopters
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