AS350 “Squirrel”

LifeFlight owns and operates a AS350 commonly known as the 'Squirrel'.

The Squirrel is primarily designed to take one pilot and six passengers, or two pilots and four passengers. LifeFlight’s configuration of this aircraft seats three crew and one patient.

In previous years, LifeFlight used the Squirrel as a frontline medical helicopter. This consisted of a single pilot, doctor and paramedic and provisions for one patient. The helicopter can also be equipped with an electric winch for rescue missions.

Due to its compact size and single engine, the Squirrel can be airborne in under five minutes and can safely land in small areas that are too tight for larger aircraft, making it incredibly versatile.  

Nowadays, the Squirrel is used for training and checking of LifeFlight pilots and crew, particularly in the area of gaining night vision goggle (NVG) certification and currency. The Squirrel is also used for educational purposes, including RACQ's 'Streets Above' safety program for school children.