Have you been airlifted by RACQ LifeFlight Rescue in the past?

We’d like you to do something that no else in our organisation can. Tell your story.

The truth is, RACQ LifeFlight Rescue depends on donations from our community to fund the community helicopter rescue service. That support comes from the community seeing that the work we do is valuable and has made a difference in the lives of real people. By sharing your story, you help us to attract the support we need to carry on our lifesaving work. And that’s something only you can do.

We’d appreciate hearing about your experience with our service and how your recovery is progressing.

If you prefer, instead of filling out the below form, you can also email our Communications Officer Emilia Hutchinson - Emilia.hutchinson@lifeflight.org.au

Patient details

How did you feel when RACQ LifeFlight Rescue arrived? What were the crew like? What do remember of the transfer to hospital? etc.
How long and what was involved in your recovery?
Sharing patient stories helps raise awareness of our lifesaving work.
If you wish to share them, please send to media@lifeflight.org.au
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