Neonatal and Paediatric

LifeFlight Air Ambulance jets can provide the retrieval of seriously ill newborn infants or children. 

LifeFlight have safely transported hundreds of infants, babies and children to and from both international and domestic locations so they can get to the specialised care they need.

Our specially trained flight crews and medical teams incorporate specialised care such as high-risk obstetric care, neonatal intensive care and paediatric intensive care for these delicate transfers. 

LifeFlight ensures that our tiniest and most vulnerable patients receive the most advanced neonatal care and support available from the moment they pick up the precious cargo, until they make the safe delivery to the receiving facility.

LifeFlight works alongside some of Australia's best neonatal and paediatric physicians and have invested in the industry’s leading technology for neonatal transportation to transform the aircraft into a neonatal intensive care unit in the sky.

The tiny patient will receive continuous monitoring and care by experts throughout the trip, however long it may be. In most cases, there will be multiple medical personnel on the aircraft to monitor and provide treatment when needed.

Depending on the patient, the parents may be able to accompany the child on the flight. This might not always be possible due to various constraints but is encourage when available.