Humanitarian Missions

When Queensland endures major natural disasters, LifeFlight’s Learjet and crew are on hand to assist in evacuating and relocating affected families.

When the worst floods in St George’s history swept through the town in February 2012, CareFlight (now LifeFlight) relocated two Air Ambulances, clocking up massive airtime relocating and rescuing the stranded.

With four LifeFlight choppers on standby to rescue individuals, the Air Ambulance teams performed evacuation shuttles between the Gold Coast and St George.

Carrying a flight nurse and critical care doctor, the team flew back and forth transporting residents, as well as countless patients who needed evacuating from the Warrawee Retirement Village.

Just six months later, our fixed wing crews made two flights in and out of Charleville every day for two weeks until as many residents as possible were returned safely home.

But tragedy struck again in 2013, this time in Bundaberg. It was the third time in three years our experienced teams had been called upon to help Queensland flood victims. LifeFlight immediately relocated two Learjets and five helicopters to Bundaberg to assist in the massive rescue operation. Our jets flew more than 20 hours moving patients from ICU facilities in Bundaberg to safer accommodation further south.

A month later, we pitched in once again returning patients home.

For all of the LifeFlight Air Ambulance teams, these humanitarian missions are challenging, but rewarding.