In more than 10 years of Air Ambulance operation, LifeFlight has repatriated over 1,600 patients in need of medical care throughout Australia, the Asia Pacific and beyond.

LifeFlight's dedicated fleet of medically configured Air Ambulance jets are on standby 24/7 and provide both rapid response and scheduled medical transports to clients domestically and internationally. 

LifeFlight's fleet of Learjets and in-house aviation and medical crews make up Australia’s only fully integrated and dedicated jet air ambulance service.

As the leader in the industry, we work with most major insurance and travel assistance companies, hospitals, governments, the cruise line industry, embassies, administrative bodies, as well as travellers and their families with the sole purpose to get to patients as quickly as possible and providing them with the finest aeromedical care to get them home safety. 

Each jets carries a critical care doctor and intensive care flight nurse on board all flights, and can respond to both domestic and international medical evacuations in as little as 60 minutes.

Our medical staff and flight crew leave nothing to chance. Our crew receive the finest aeromedical training through our own Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) Academy which means every patient we transport receives the very best care with the latest medical techniques and equipment available.

Quotes and Tasking

Our coordinators are on standby 24/7 to receive your call and arrange a quote. Please contact the Coordination Centre on 1300 883 422 within Australia or +61 7 5553 5955 from outside Australia or email




Air Ambulance Repatriation

LifeFlight's Air Ambulance fleet comprises two Learjets, a 45 and a 45XR and one Bombardier Challenger CL–604 jet. Our jets are strategically located at bases in Brisbane, Townsville and Singapore to provide optimal response times and cost effective operations.

The fleet is permanently medically configured with state-of-the-art medical equipment, a critical factor in its role as a rapid response intensive care unit. 

The Challenger CL-604 officially became part of the fleet in October 2014, expanding not just the Air Ambulance resources of LifeFlight, but its flight range and patient capacity.

LifeFlight's Learjets can carry two patient stretchers, have seating for two medical staff and an extra seat for a single passenger.

With as little as 60 minutes notice in select cases, our compassionate team of medical professionals, seasoned pilots, and flight coordinators can be airborne and on their way to the assigned destination.

LifeFlight employs an exceptional team of medical professionals dedicated to excellence and include some of the most experienced retrieval specialists in their field. LifeFlight's own critical care doctors and intensive care nurse travel on board every flight.

LifeFlight's pilots, medical teams, and administrative staff are highly trained and experienced in the medical air ambulance industry, and our commitment to the quality of care we offer our patients is unsurpassed.

Commercial Repatriation

LifeFlight’s critical care doctors and nursing staff can travel on board a commercial airline with a stretchered patient to ensure all their medical needs are met throughout the flight. Equipment is airline approved in advance and medical staff accompany the patient to their receiving facility or are handed over to their receiving medical crew.

Whilst commercial repatriations are only available on board selected airlines, LifeFlight's Coordination Centre staff can ensure that this process is managed with efficiency and ease.

LifeFlight's medical staff are also available to accompany seated patients on commercial aircraft to ensure optimum medical care of the patient. As a commercial aircraft is larger and fly longer distances without refuelling, this method of transport is often an effective, suitable and cost efficient option.

Our doctors can help advise what the best option is for the patients needs and LifeFlight will then take care of the complete organisation of bed-to-bed transfer including media clearing, transport to and from the aircraft and administration. 

Neonatal and Paediatric

LifeFlight have safely transported hundreds of infants, babies and children to and from both international and domestic locations so they can get to the specialised care they need.

Our specially trained flight crews and medical teams incorporate specialised care such as high-risk obstetric care, neonatal intensive care and paediatric intensive care for these delicate transfers. 

LifeFlight ensures that our tiniest and most vulnerable patients receive the most advanced neonatal care and support available from the moment they pick up the precious cargo, until they make the safe delivery to the receiving facility.

LifeFlight works alongside some of Australia's best neonatal and paediatric physicians and have invested in the industry’s leading technology for neonatal transportation to transform the aircraft into a neonatal intensive care unit in the sky.

The tiny patient will receive continuous monitoring and care by experts throughout the trip, however long it may be. In most cases, there will be multiple medical personnel on the aircraft to monitor and provide treatment when needed.

Depending on the patient, the parents may be able to accompany the child on the flight. This might not always be possible due to various constraints but is encourage when available.  

Organ Transportation

When an organ becomes available, transportation is a time-sensitive mission and LifeFlight understands the need for a rapid response in these circumstances.

Our teams can be airborne for organ transports within the hour of request.

The road to receiving an organ transplantation is often long, and LifeFlight aims to make the final leg of the journey swift and comforting for families. One call to LifeFlight’s Communication Centre is all it takes. Our logistics specialists will handle all phases of the transport from ground transportation to working with your private insurance company to verify benefits for the transport.

Our coordinators are on standby 24/7 to receive your call and arrange a quote. Please contact the LifeFlight Coordination Centre on 1300 883 422 within Australia or +61 7 5553 5955 if your calling outside Australia or email

Humanitarian Missions

When the worst floods in St George’s history swept through the town in February 2012, CareFlight (now LifeFlight) relocated two Air Ambulances, clocking up massive airtime relocating and rescuing the stranded.

With four LifeFlight choppers on standby to rescue individuals, the Air Ambulance teams performed evacuation shuttles between the Gold Coast and St George.

Carrying a flight nurse and critical care doctor, the team flew back and forth transporting residents, as well as countless patients who needed evacuating from the Warrawee Retirement Village.

Just six months later, our fixed wing crews made two flights in and out of Charleville every day for two weeks until as many residents as possible were returned safely home.

But tragedy struck again in 2013, this time in Bundaberg. It was the third time in three years our experienced teams had been called upon to help Queensland flood victims. LifeFlight immediately relocated two Learjets and five helicopters to Bundaberg to assist in the massive rescue operation. Our jets flew more than 20 hours moving patients from ICU facilities in Bundaberg to safer accommodation further south.

A month later, we pitched in once again returning patients home.

For all of the LifeFlight Air Ambulance teams, these humanitarian missions are challenging, but rewarding.