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CareFlight’s 'Beds For Our Base' fundraiser hits half way mark

Toowoomba’s hardworking RACQ CareFlight Rescue crew currently sleep in the office building, while the admin staff work out of storage cupboards and they need local support to raise $60,000 to build new crew quarters.

The service’s urgent plea to the community to help fund the new crew quarters has so far raised $30,000 but that’s only half of the Beds For Our Base Project’s $60,000 target.

Due to new State Government regulations, the charity must build and fit-out a ‘donga’ style building on-site.

“The crew are crammed into our administration building and we’re literally working in storage cupboards or in the aircraft hangar - wherever we can find free space,” said South West Fundraising Manager Sarah Delahunty.

“The night crew sometimes get back from a mission at 3am in the morning and are asleep by the time the admin staff arrive at 8am and it’s hard to conduct business while others are sleeping in the next room.”

The crew quarters set to be built as part of the Beds For Our Base Project will reduce the service’s night time response, which means Doctors can reach patients sooner and save vital minutes that make all the difference to people in critical situations.

Previously, accommodation was provided at a site five minutes from the base. Having the new building on-site means the charity will save money on accommodation costs, improve safety and give CareFlight’s heroes on the frontline a more efficient space to conduct their lifesaving work.

“The current working arrangements are not impacting on our ability to service the community, but the sooner we raise the funds and build the new space, the better,” Ms Delahunty said.

“The Toowoomba base is one of the busiest in Queensland and we need a more efficient space to conduct our lifesaving work.”

People who wish to support their local helicopter rescue service can donate online at or phone CareFlight’s Toowoomba base on 4633 7299.