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Man winched to safety after falling 10 metres

RACQ CareFlight Rescue has winched a man to safety after he fell approximately 10 metres down a slope near Bellthorpe.

The 21-year-old was part of a group travelling in a convoy of four-wheel-drives along a very steep track when one of the last vehicles became stuck.

The man, who was on-board one of the leading cars, got out and began walking down the track to help free the vehicle when he fell and tumbled.

The Sunshine Coast based RACQ CareFlight Rescue helicopter flew to the scene and winched its flight doctor and intensive care flight paramedic down to the man.

He was assessed and treated for leg injuries.

The patient was stretcher winched 120 feet up to the helicopter and airlifted to Nambour General Hospital for further treatment.

He travelled in a stable condition.