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Two year old injured in dog attack

RACQ CareFlight Rescue has flown to the aid of a mother and her two year old son after they were attacked by three dogs at a property in the South Burnett region.

The dogs, which can be confirmed as American Bulldogs, began attacking the child during a visit to a friend’s property in Blackbutt at around 11:30am. The woman, in an effort to protect her son, shielded him from the dogs who then turned on her. The ordeal lasted several minutes while the owner of the dogs attempted to restrain them.

QAS road crews transported the pair from the property to the Blackbutt showgrounds where the Sunshine Coast based RACQ CareFlight helicopter was able to land. Its flight doctor and intensive care flight paramedic treated the toddler for lacerations to his head, and his mother for injuries to her shoulders and torso.

They were both airlifted to the Royal Children’s Hospital in a stable condition.

Police are investigating the incident