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Two people missing for 24 hours in the Wongi State Forest have been found

Two people missing for 24 hours in the Wongi State Forest have been found by the Sunshine Coast's RACQ CareFlight Rescue helicopter.

The couple in their 50s left their caravan at Maryborough yesterday and drove into the Forest for a picnic lunch. After speaking with other visitors they chose to take a different route out of the forest but became lost on a rough, narrow track.

The pair, on holidays from Kalbar, decided to turn around but became bogged. They tried to free their car but eventually ran out of petrol. Mobile coverage was poor but the pair was able to alert authorities via text message. Police began a coordinated search for the couple who spent the night in their vehicle.

RACQ CareFlight was called in this afternoon amid growing concern the missing man suffered diabetes and had run out of food.

Helicopter rescue crew spotted the lost vehicle within half an hour of commencing their search. They landed in a small clearing and walked about 400 metres before locating the couple and their two dogs.

"They were in good spirits and definitely happy to be found," said CareFlight Aircrew Officer Rick Harvey.

"They certainly didn't want to spend another night out there."

The pair was airlifted to Maryborough. They were both in good health and uninjured.

"They said RACQ would have to come to their rescue again - when we left them they were about to ring the RACQ to get their vehicle back." Mr Harvey said.