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Mercy Dash for Special Delivery


A South West woman has delivered her baby girl via emergency caesarean section five weeks early, after a RACQ CareFlight mercy dash to Miles.

Twenty-six year old Liz Chambers felt something wasn’t right in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

She and husband Sidney, taking no chances, headed to the Miles Hospital in their south west home town.

“There was a concern that I was having a breech birth, so the medical staff sent for the CareFlight Rescue helicopter, Mrs Chambers said.

“I was relieved that I didn’t have to drive the two and a half hours to Toowoomba to reach St Vincent’s Hospital.

The RACQ CareFlight Rescue helicopter arrived shortly after.

“We had our doctor and a midwife from St Vincent’s Hospital in Toowoomba on board, Aircrewman Mark Arthur said.

“When we picked the lady up she was a little nervous, but doing fine, he said.

But less than a minute after take-off, and just 800 metres into the air, Mrs Chamber’s water broke.

“I just couldn’t believe it, Mrs Chambers said.

A decision then had to be made, whether to turn back or continue flying to St Vincent’s Hospital.

“We kept going, but diverted over Chinchilla and Dalby on our way to Toowoomba, so we were close to a hospital, Mr Arthur said.

Nearing the city of flowers the baby began to arrive, but in the wrong position.

The decision was made to have the CareFlight team fly directly to Toowoomba Base Hospital.

“We’d called ahead and an emergency room was booked there, Mr Arthur said.

The CareFlight Rescue helicopter arrived just in time.

“They wheeled me in and took me straight to theatre, Mrs Chambers said.

Abigail Charlotte Chambers was born at 1.30pm.

The healthy baby girl was 2.77 kilograms (6 pounds, 2 ounces), and five weeks early.

“The CareFlight crew was absolutely amazing, they did a fantastic job, Mrs Chambers said.

“It’s definitely a very valuable service, especially for those in regional areas.

“It gave me peace of mind, she said.