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Injured man with no phone reception manages to call 000

The Sunshine Coast RACQ CareFlight Rescue helicopter has flown to the aid of a trail bike rider who crashed his bike in bushland outside of Kenilworth this afternoon.

The 42 year old Brisbane man was riding with a mate, when he hit a tree stump and fell off his bike.

The man suffered serious abdominal injuries, but neither he nor his mate had a mobile phone signal, so the injured man got back on his bike and the pair road towards town where they were able to call for help. RACQ CareFlight landed on the road where the injured man had collapsed.

He was treated by the helicopter's flight doctor and flight paramedic before being airlifted to the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

The Sunshine Coast crew of RACQ CareFlight Rescue would like to make people aware of an alternative emergency number to Triple Zero.

Mobile phone users who have run out of credit or who have no signal with their own carrier, can still phone for emergency assistance if they're in an area covered by another mobile network. The alternative number 112 (one, one, two) diverts the caller to a Triple Zero operator.