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CareFlight gives Boeing staff crash course in sea survival

Boeing Defence Australia staff members will be ‘thrown in the deep end’ on Monday when they undertake simulated Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) at the Milne Bay Aquatic Centre.

The Boeing employees will be strapped into a helicopter simulator, and lowered into the pool by crane.

The cabin then flips upside down to simulate what happens when an aircraft crashes into water.

This is just one of a handful of times that the course, run by CareFlight Training Services, has been held in Toowoomba.

CareFlight’s expert instructors will teach participants the skills to survive in a crash, including how to find their way out of an aircraft in the dark (using blindfolds), as well as life raft and sea survival skills.

This event will provide some unique vision and photograph opportunities for media.

Thousands of professionals with backgrounds in aviation, marine, defence and emergency service industries graduate every year with a CareFlight HUET accreditation, both in Australia and internationally.

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