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Thirty flood relief missions performed in one week

The CareFlight helicopter fleet has been flying around the clock helping residents in flood affected south west Qld.

Four helicopters based out of Roma and CareFlight's lear jet have been continuously tasked for almost a week airlifting more than 50 people including many frail patients from nursing homes and hospitals, pregnant women and emergency services personnel.
The effects of the disaster were so wide-reaching that CareFlight’s lear jet was also called upon to help throughout the devastated south west region.
Carrying a Flight Nurse and critical care Doctor, CareFlight Air Ambulance flew back and forth between Charleville/St George and the Gold Coast transporting more than 15 patients who needed to be evacuated
On Friday, CareFlight repositioned three helicopters to Roma to assist in the evacuation and rescue missions.
With one aircraft already based permanently at Roma, CareFlight had four helicopters responding over the weekend as flood waters swamped Mitchell, Roma and Charleville.
CareFlight’s aircraft also played a significant role in airlifting additional resources such as police officers, paramedics and doctors in and out of the flood-ravaged region to help with the relief effort.
CareFlight aircraft remain on standby as the southern Queensland town of St George braces for a record flood peak later today.