Are you prepared for an emergency? Create an emergency card on your iPhone

LifeFlight responds to the scene of hundreds of medical emergencies each year. 

LifeFlight Pilot Hamish explains patients are often too seriously injured to be able to speak to the rescue crews upon their arrival. Having witnessed patients' friends and bystanders desperately try to contact the injured person’s next of kin only to be unable to unlock their phone, he recommends iPhone users utilise the preloaded ‘Health’ app to prepare for emergencies. 

This app allows users to record a basic medical profile, including their blood type, allergies, weight, height, etc... but the most useful feature in Pilot Hamish’s opinion is the option to record numerous next of kin (NOK) contact numbers. The app allows anyone to call the recorded NOK numbers without having to unlock the phone. 

Create an emergency card that’s accessible from your iPhone lock screen:

1.    Locate the iPhone’s preload Health app (the app features a love heart icon and is available on iPhone 4s and above) 

2.    Access the Medical ID feature, located at the bottom right hand corner of the app’s home screen 

3.    Here you can record a medical profile, including multiple next of kin contact numbers

4.    In the event of an emergency, anyone can access this data by simply press the ‘EMERGENCY’ option on the lock screen

5.    The ‘MEDICAL ID’ option then appears at the bottom left of the next screen

6.    Here you will find the iPhone user’s next of kin contact numbers

Our rescue crews suggest iPhone users consider updating this app in preparation for an emergency. It may prove beneficial one day, allowing those at the scene of an incident to quickly and easily contact your next of kin.