At LifeFlight we have a strong belief in and commitment to education, training and development.

We provide all our doctors with ongoing training and education to ensure you continually develop as a medical practitioner. Our Critical Care Doctors will experience: 

  • Monthly teleconferences between the Clinical Director – Training and Education, clinical leads and all retrieval registrars. These feature formal presentations relating to a specific pre-hospital or retrieval topic;
  • Weekly clinical and operational mission audits to constructively review clinical management and allow powerful group learning to occur;
  • Base-specific familiarisation and orientation;
  • Hospital based registrar training for registrars towards second part exams;
  • Simulation training exercises to test and develop the technical and workplace skills needed to succeed in your role – task management, team working, situational awareness, decision making and more.

Clinical supervision and governance

Our Critical Care Consultants are provided with clinical lead supervision at each base and real-time advice on all missions. Each aircraft is equipped with cellular and satellite communication which is available for telephone consultation on-scene or while in-flight. Retrieval Registrars are expected to consult with the Clinical Coordinators (critical care specialists) after assessing the patient and at any time during a task as required.

LifeFlight has developed a strong clinical governance program centred on a regular state-wide clinical audit system. This helps to constantly improve clinical performance, resource use and communication effectiveness with the aim of producing a better outcome for those we care for.