Why do I need a Will?

Your Will is the only way you can be confident that your affairs will be handled in the way you wish them to be. It can also be a heartfelt way to provide for those you care about, or to support the causes that are dear to you.

Whether you have few possessions or many, you should have a Will. And you should update your Will every few years, particularly as your circumstances change, to ensure that it is an accurate reflection of your current wishes. If you do not have a legally prepared and administered Will, your estate may be settled according to the laws of the State and your requests may, sadly, never be met.

Your Will is one of the most important documents you will prepare in your lifetime. With that in mind, the LifeFlight Foundation recommends that you seek the professional advice of your solicitor or trustee to ensure that all facets of your Will are worded correctly. To help you in this endeavour, we have prepared the appropriate wording, should you decide to leave a bequest for the LifeFlight Foundation in your Will.

What if I don't have a Will?

We suggest speaking to a qualified legal advisor to put together a Will and ensure that your estate will be divided as you would like.

Can I leave a gift for a specific purpose?

Yes. You can bequeath the gift to a specific section of our organisation that you feel passionate about or you can assign it for general purpose, in which case the LifeFlight Foundation will direct it according to the most important need at the time of your donation. This would range from purchasing new medical equipment to upgrading and maintaining aircraft. As areas of priority change over time, we recommend a general purpose donation to ensure your gift is put to the best possible use at the time it’s received. 

Can I speak to a LifeFlight Foundation representative about planned giving?

We want to ensure all your questions are answered so don’t hesitate to contact us. Call now for a friendly chat or to receive LifeFlight's Guide to Wills and Bequests.

Contact Bequest Manager Merryl Mills on 1800 630 014 to learn more about leaving a bequest in your Will and saving lives for generations to come.

Can LifeFlight recognise my pledged support now?

The Endless Flights Bequest Society was established to acknowledge and thank donors who notify us of planned giving.

As a member of the Endless Flights Bequest Society you will receive an exclusive appreciation gift from LifeFlight, regular updates from us and invitations to all our events including special member functions.
Planned giving, like a Bequest, is the single most important way for us to plan for future critical missions, because we can forecast what funding is available to our lifesaving cause.
"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" - Winston Churchill
The Society is made up of like-minded and generous people on board, who are undoubtedly the most cherished members of our LifeFlight family. We hope that you decide to join the Endless Flights Bequest Society and allow us to ensure your lasting gift is used just how you intended; to save lives and serve the community through rapid response critical care for many years to come. To join, submit your intention to give today and indicate your wishes on the form. Our bequests coordinator will be in touch with membership benefits and upcoming events.

Is a small gift in my Will still worth leaving?

Everyone can have impact, no matter how big or small the contribution. You don’t have to be wealthy to leave a bequest. You just need a desire to play a part in saving future lives and making a difference to the thousands of families that live under our flight zone.   

Do I need to inform the LifeFlight Foundation of my decision to include them in my Will?

Your Will is a personal and confidential document that takes time to make right.

Whether you choose to inform us of your intentions is entirely up to you.

We’re always here to answer questions. Be assured, all information you share with us will be treated with the strictest confidence.

If inform us about your pledged support, we are able to recognise your generosity through  Endless Flights Bequests Society.

If you do wish to notify us of your intention to give, please submit an intention to give or contact our Planned Giving Manager Merryl Mills on 1800 630 014, or in writing to:

Planned Giving Manager
PO Box 5078
Robina Town Centre QLD 4230