Project 'Safety First'

Project 'Safety First'

We are counting on your generous donations to help urgently fund vital equipment as part of Project 'Safety First'.

LifeFlight’s engineering team has identified a number of essential items through Project ‘Safety First’ that will enhance and maintain LifeFlight’s 36-year unblemished safety record and ensure the safety and wellbeing of our crews, emergency service personnel, patients and engineers. Project ‘Safety First’ is an investment in the community rescue service quite literally from the ground up. We hope you consider donating to the project and helping us fund these crucial items. 

Wear Debris Analysis & Oil condition Kit
Cost: 5 kits ($21,576)
These kits allow LifeFlight engineers to monitor the quality of aircraft oil and detect any dangerous foreign particles. Valuable information is gleaned from the associated oil conditioning checks such as; acidity, viscosity and water content and periodic sampling is not only mandatory, it is an essential cost that ensures the safety of our crew and patients. 

Nitro Rig (Brisbane BASE) 
Cost: $30,802
The Nitro Rig pumps up the AW139 helicopter tyres and services the landing gear. The Brisbane crew is currently borrowing a Nitro Rig from Brisbane Airport but when the base moves over to Archerfield Airport in the coming months we will need to urgently purchase our own. It is an essential piece of engineering equipment we cannot operate without. 

Aircraft Tyre Safety Inflation Cage
Cost: #3,850
This allows the LifeFlight engineers to inflate the aircraft tyres when the tyres are not fitted to an aircraft. It is a far safer practice when completed in a safety cage, eliminating the chance of a tyre explosion and ensuring the safety and well being of our engineers.


E-Flare Kit x 2
Cost: $703
The E-flare kit is used out in the field to protect the helicopter, crew, emergency personnel, patient and bystanders. It warns others to keep a safe distance from the helicopter and is an essential safety item the crews cannot land without.